Fruits & Berries

Fruits & Berries

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Tooki has been living off Pizza for way too long!

Its time he got some fruit into his diet. This is a long journey and with his appetite he’s going to need a lot of it. Fruit can be found in every world Tooki visits. It’s not essential you collect it to continue the journey; however it will help a lot.

Every piece of fruit will add to your score and get you closer to the next clone, some are more valuable than others and will lose you score if you drop them down an Ice Hole.
Tooki’s favourites are the juicy purple plums, stacked full of anti-oxidants.

Sometimes they are harder to collect than the Carrotonium, but if you score three of these on any level and you will receive a very special bonus.
There are many achievements for collecting fruit which will reward you tokens and clones. So if you have the time make sure you slot as many as you can into the goals.

Please note this is an alternate Universe with Rabbits that have evolved for millions of years beyond ours and they have developed very healthy alfalfa based pizza. Under no circumstance give your pet bunny a pizza, it will kill them.
For healthy rabbit diet have a look at these sites:'s-and-don'ts

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